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Les Z'arsouilles...

IT has become necessary but cannot replace personal, quality time with kids. The virtual world has become central to our society, and yet, when you invite your children to tell them a story or play with them, their eyes light up and allow you to build a genuine, special bond!

The life-learning process is made possible by these moments of sharing, love, laughter and well-being. Kids learn while having fun!

Thus, come all to discover our new specialized book and toy shop, an entire area dedicated to youngsters from 0 to 10, but also to education professionals (speech therapists, teachers).

With this passion that brings us together, we cannot wait to welcome you and we hope we can provide you with the best advice.

Domi, Justine et Camille


In order to meet your expectations as widely as possible, we wish to offer you a large number of books covering well-defined themes (birth, sleep, moving, separation, hygiene, science, sense of humor,…)

Toys & Games

We offer you a wide selection of creative and educational games (toddler, connection games, initiation games, party games, artistic games, construction,…)

Speech therapy

Mindful of the learning difficulties of some children, we have developed a whole area dedicated to speech therapy (spoken language, written language, prerequisites, associated factors, logic and mathematics,…). This area is intended in particular for speech therapists, but also for education professionals as well as for parents eager to address their child's learning problems in a recreational and fun way.